A Quality, Family-style Dining Experience

A great meal is one of life’s simple pleasures! At Helping Hands Care Homes, we believe dining well is part of living well. As we age, eating well can improve mental acuteness, energy levels, and resistance to illness. For many, a healthy diet can also be the key to a positive outlook and being emotionally balanced. Your loved one will enjoy a family-style dining experience with three well-balanced home-cooked meals plus snacks every day.


Meal Preparation

Often times, people who live alone don’t eat properly or miss meals, leading to a nutritional imbalance. They may lose out on the social interaction that’s so important to healthy aging. And if your loved one has any special dietary needs, let us know. We’ll adjust their meal plan to make sure they’re healthy and happy.

Our dining experience is also designed for healthy digestion and quality sleeping, with a healthy breakfast, a larger lunch and a tasty but slightly smaller supper.